I’m going to bed

I am so tired, I’m not going to the thing I was going to go to. Tomorrow I will hate myself over this.

Correction, I will continue to like myself ok, but whisper “i’m going to shoot myself in the head”under my breath over and over again all day, to no one.

I am gaining weight, which is terrifying.

My eating is getting so weird.


Prove that you do not need a man, doctor, or parent around, showing you how to eat, reminding you to keep yourself clean.

You are a woman with agency. Self actualization is possible.

If you are feeling like you would rather go to bed than dance to hip hop music then that is ok.

If you have a crush on the DJ and he pulls away from kissing you, that is ok.

If no one wants to share their coke with you, well, you don’t like coke that much anyway.



Can you hear me